Prime Sourcing



  • Dynamic Analysis – Advanced spend insight, market share breakdown & benchmark fare comparison
  • Contract Monitoring – Contract analysis, performance monitoring & agreement utilization
  • Contract Modeling – Powerful & instant vendor scenario modeling & impact analysis

Prime Sourcing provides users with unique and dynamic analytical capabilities to help optimize travel spend, and efficiently conduct sourcing activities. This revolutionary suite of vendor sourcing solutions brings together the full power of business intelligence, rich data visualization, and true ease of use – and replaces the need for countless reports and hours of manual data manipulation traditionally required in the vendor sourcing process. Whether you’re analyzing your company’s spend and market share performance, performing contract utilization and benchmarking breakdowns, or assessing and modeling contract scenarios, Prime Sourcing delivers unparalleled clarity, speed, and insight.

NEW! Introducing Fair Market Share (FMS) data reports to Prime Sourcing. FMS reports allow you to focus on markets where your ability to shift share is possible, saving time and providing an edge in negotiation. Many Prime Sourcing FMS reports are based to your historical market trends and travel patterns, allowing you to quickly identify and target opportunities for additional discounts and pinpoint weaknesses in your negotiating position.

Dynamic Analysis: Sourcing Analysis at the Speed of Thought

Perform simple carrier breakdowns or complex market share analyses with any combination of markets, carriers, or alliances – even service classes that apply to a given contract. Instantly create, filter, and drill down into spend data to reveal patterns across your company’s entire data pool. With near-infinite customizability, spend visualization, and benchmarking at every juncture, Dynamic Analysis literally replaces the need for countless reports, and hours of manual data manipulation.

Contract Monitoring: Powerful, Real-time Contract Analysis

Quickly assess and explore vendor contracts and negotiated agreements in real-time; drastically reducing the effort needed to perform analysis with traditional methods and tools. Contract performance and contract obligation requirements can be easily monitored 24/7, and through integration with Dynamic Analysis, users can splice data across contract vs. non-contract, or 35+ additional data categories.

With Contract Monitoring, complex questions that would otherwise take weeks of manual compilation can be answered within minutes. The speed and simplicity of this intuitive module affords users the ability to perform analysis on the fly – even during meetings with suppliers!

Contract Modeling: Modern and Intuitive Scenario Modeling

Building on the contract knowledge compiled in Contract Monitoring, Contract Modeling provides users the unique and powerful ability to create modeling scenarios based on contract definitions and historical data. Users gain unmatched visibility into each discounts applicability for given markets, revealing savings opportunities and modeling potential impacts. Custom scenarios can be built, saved, and shared independently, allowing users to shift shares across vendors and markets effortlessly.


Model scenarios to obtain answers to the most-asked questions in vendor sourcing analysis: “what if we gave more share to Airline X vs others, what if we optimized purely on lowest discount or average price, or what if we had Contract Proposal A in place today?” With detailed information provided for each market of interest, and for the entire contract mix at all times, you can instantly learn the net effect to your company’s bottom line.



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