Client Feedback

“Prime Analytics represents the right direction for data reporting and business intelligence in the travel industry. I give it an A for delivering practical value”

Scott Gillespie
Travel Industry Innovator

“A lot of companies say they can provide analytics for travel benchmarking. But experience has shown us that only one product actually delivers the results and that is Prime Analytics. They understand the difference between providing “so-what” statistics and actionable data metrics that allow companies like Tzell Travel Group Northwest to maximize the savings potential for all our clients.”

– Joe Murray
Sr. Vice President
Tzell Travel Group Northwest

“This is just the coolest dashboard I have seen in a long time. Kudos to you guys!”

– Laura Bassett
Directory, eTravel Services
Conlin Travel /American Express

“I wanted you to know that I think Rhonda Synder is fabulous. She does a really nice job walking through things and also looking into questions that I have (which have been many since our recent partnership). Often times clients look to find the negative in people and companies, but I wanted you to get some positive feedback right off the bat. I think she provides outstanding customer service and is clearly very knowledgeable or your system and the best uses for it. Many thanks!”

– Georgia Gruner
Options Travel

“Just had a great demo of Prime Analytics with a prospective client….they loved it!! I believe we are going to get their business based on Dashboard 360°. They were raving about it.!”

– Roger Gould
Vice-President, Global Sales
Travel Leaders Group

“As a strategic sourcing & consulting firm specializing in travel management, Prime Analytics has provided us with a wealth of specific, invaluable benchmarking information for our clients. In addition, we can now spend more quality time with our clients in providing actionable steps towards cost savings, instead of wasting time building spreadsheets and consolidating data.  We wish we had this powerful software years ago!”

– Lois Barbero
Vice President
ICSNetwork, LLC

“Customers really want to understand the financial impact changes to their travel program will have. What hard dollar savings can be achieved by moving from an intermediate car class policy to compact car policy? What hard dollar savings can be achieved by decreasing your exchanges by 2%? In a quick and easy-to-use interface, Prime Analytics gives me the ability to actually ‘show’ my customers how these types of changes to their travel program impact cost.”

– Chris Koons, CTE
Vice President, Sales & Account Management
River City Travel

“Prime Analytics gives the actionable information to effectively manage a company’s travel program! By benchmarking against company goals and industry best-practices companies can really get a handle on where the savings opportunities are. Now our reporting capabilities are viewed differently by our clients… and we are providing the type of information that procurement wants to see.”

– Steven Neuman
Vice President
Travel One Inc.

“When it comes to reporting and benchmarking Prime Analytics is a real game-changer. Our customers are looking for real-time information that is tailored for their specific needs and Prime Analytics provides that. We give clients information tailored to them rather than delivering canned reports and Prime Analytics does just that.”

– David Holyoke
Travel Leaders Corporate

“We are well aware that the Amexes, Carlsons and BCDs all have dashboards that they go sell and promote. We have bid against the other guys and Prime Analytics has been able to hold its own. It allows Montrose Travel and our corporate sales folks with absolute and extreme confidence to stand up during a presentation and present Prime Analytics as the industry-leading dashboard.”

– Joe McClure
Montrose Travel

“Prime Analytics allows our account managers to quickly monitor, for each one of their clients, their goals and the real-time information on what is happening to reach those goals. We are not sending them into an SQL server, where they have to drag this column, drag that column, and so on to get what they are looking for. These people don’t have time to be going into a large tool. Sometimes there is so much in these other dashboards that rather than looking at the top 10 items that drive their spend level and that equate to their best practices, they just get lost. This is so much more visible and quick for them.”

– Julie Santino
Vice President of Technology and Finance
Van Zile Travel Service