"Prime Analytics represents the right direction for data reporting and business intelligence in the travel industry. I give it an A for delivering practical value"

Scott Gillespie
Travel Industry Innovator

Procurement Consultant

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Welcome to Prime Numbers Technology!

One of the hottest topics in the travel industry today is data.  The increasing amount of data in the industry makes easy-to-use and intuitive data analytics software more important than ever. The effective visualization and freedom to interrogate data for deeper trend analysis is not just nice to have, it’s critical. Otherwise, clients have travel reporting, but no data intelligence.

Prime Numbers Technology (PNT) is an independent provider of data analytics technology and the driving force behind the industry-leading travel benchmarking and analytics tool known as Prime Analytics. The PNT team developed Prime Analytics to provide clients with the key to unlock the power of their data!

Contact us at sales@primenumberstechnology.com to learn more about Prime Analytics.


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