• Goals/ROI Analysis – Company compliance goal tracking
  • Benchmark Analysis – Fare & benchmark comparisons across all data types, geography & corporate hierarchy
  • Dashboard – Infinitely customizable & interactive data dashboard
  • Vendor Analysis – Vendor utilization & savings analysis
  • Business Intelligence – Powerful, interactive pre-built & ad-hoc reporting
  • Industry Statistics – Breakdown of average fares across Prime’s extensive benchmark database
  • Traveler Scorecard API – Dynamic scorecard platform, delivering traveler benchmarking to points of sale & portal tools

Benchmark Analysis: Apples to Apples Comparisons


Take control of your benchmark metrics. Choose to calculate and compare against companies with similar spend, industry and geographical location - even compare against your own past performance, to explore and manage changes. With Prime Analytics, custom calculations and “on the fly” benchmarking are just a few clicks away.

Goals/ROI Analysis: Set Goals to Track Policy Compliance


Easily track policy compliance by configuring and monitoring your company’s specific goals – like Domestic or International Advance Purchase, Acceptance of Lowest Fare and Online adoption, just to name a few. Measure your success against savings, or track goals year-over-year to uncover valuable insight about your policy’s performance. Goals/ROI Analysis also allows you to compare performance against your peers, so you know where you truly stand!

Dashboard: Your Custom Dashboard


Create a virtually limitless number of dashboard views to bring the most relevant content right to your  fingertips. Select from an ever-growing library of dashboard pods – self-contained and feature-packed overviews of your data ranging from Air, Car and Hotel Fare / Rate Performance to Compliance, Spend Comparison, and more. Once you’ve built your custom dashboard, export it as a graph or chart for use in presentations, or in a printer-friendly format for sharing and discussion.

Traveler Scorecard API: Encourage Better Travel Behavior


Provide your travelers the insight they need to make the best booking decisions. Our Traveler Scorecard API delivers live benchmark data about your travelers’ booking habits, showing them how they measure up to your policy goals, and the compliance scores of their peers.


Integrate traveler scorecards within booking tools, traveler portals, and more, to show travelers the impact behind their policy choices. Best of all, the Traveler Scorecard API works directly with your Prime Analytics data - allowing a seamless flow of data across all Prime Analytics modules. With the simplicity of this platform, the applications of this API are nearly infinite!

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