Prime Analytics delivers powerful and actionable data analytics, helping to optimize your company’s travel spend. Our industry-leading data analytics engine provides users with the ability to manage goals, maximize ROI, explore custom analytics, manage suppliers, and perform benchmark comparisons against our extensive database. Prime Analytics delivers all the tools you need to effectively report on and manage your company’s travel program!

Our Solutions

Prime Sourcing provides users with unique and dynamic analytical capabilities to help optimize travel spend, and efficiently conduct sourcing activities. This revolutionary suite of vendor sourcing solutions brings together the full power of business intelligence, rich data visualization, and true ease of use – and replaces the need for countless reports and hours of manual data manipulation traditionally required in the vendor sourcing process. Whether you’re analyzing your company’s spend and market share performance, performing contract utilization and benchmarking breakdowns, or assessing and modeling contract scenarios, Prime Sourcing delivers unparalleled clarity, speed, and insight.

Prime Statistics is the world’s first and only travel statistics application available in the Apple App Store. Our statistical engine provides clients with a snapshot view of over $4 billion in travel spend. Prime Statistics utilizes a database of thousands of corporations to calculate the travel spend of similar companies either by industry sector or overall travel spend, so clients can perform quick rate comparisons and identify ways to optimize spend.

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